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room290 - “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

[Jun. 29th, 2010|04:37 pm]
room290 - stay stylish with us


We have restocked most of the items for you !:)

Due to increasing dead buyers...all payments have to be done strictly within 24 hours otherwise room290 serves the right to blacklist any dead buyers. We want and need to be fair to those that have paid within 24 hours and to those that are on pending list as well. 
Invoice will be sent to confirmed orders only. 

Models are standing at 160cm , Size Uk 6 - 8
 It is advisable to use the measurements and gauge it against yourself for better accuracy

 Black Tube Jumper ( All sold out ) 
Backorder has been closed
Items will arrive in 2 weeks.

Pamela Polka Dotted Skirt In Blue ( All sold out)
Backorder has been closed
Item will arrive in 2 weeks.

Lightning Top/Tunic/Dress ( Sold Out )

Renia Rainbow Dress ( Sold Out )

Olivia Off shoulder Dress ( Sold Out )

Holly Stripes Maxi ( Sold Out )

Jemelia Dress  ( Sold Out )

Chelsea Chiffon Blouse ( All sold out )

Sammy Stripes Skirt ( Sold Out )

Beryl Blue Top ( Sold Out )

Denim Spag Top ( Sold Out )


room290 strongly advise you to check your junk mail if you have yet to receive any invoice(s) within 24 hrs after sending your orders to us.   
All payment(s) has to be made within 24 hrs upon receiving invoice(s) as other buyer(s) might and could be waiting for the same item(s) too.    
We seek for your understanding and cooperation   
and not forgetting ...   

 Thank you for supporting room290 ! loves !   


Order form



Hp number
Item(s) name and quantity*
Do state quantity beside item's name.
Payment options
Postage options
International postage charges for both registered
and normal will be replied in the invoice.
Confirmation on order
Do take note that payment has to be made strictly
within 24 hours once you are confirmed with order.
Feel free to comment/feeback us. Room290 will
strive to serve you even better in future.Thanks